Acorns grow into oaktrees

I’ve been incredibly lucky in finding the perfect Acorns to start the growth this little Oaktree!
When I look back to my early fledgling business, I am amazed at just how many dots I had to connect to get me to this point. I had just moved to Hillcrest, KZN, for change of life, and I am forever grateful for this decision. It forced me out of my comfort zone as a full time professional singer, and helped me to branch out in my thinking.

Prior to moving, I had only been teaching 4 students, and those 4 students were more artists I was developing for the music industry as they all had invested interests in careers as singers. I found it hard to land good paying singing jobs in Durban – people had to take a chance on an artist they had never worked with before. Then one day I called St Mary’s in Kloof, explaining that my qualifications as a singer were really QBC (Qualified by Experience!) They took a chance on me and that was the defining moment in my life because it is the very path that has led me to where I am today. I’m so grateful for the opportunity they gave me as the first contemporary voice coach at st Mary’s.

When founding my business, Sing-It, I had such a clear vision for my company, and that vision was…Sharing the Skill & Creating the Dream. I’ve always believed that you make your own magic and my dream has never been just about me. Its been about including people who have a purpose beyond performing, who want to give back and who want to be part of something bigger than themselves. I have seen grown woman learn to love themselves again through singing, I have seen young children find a spark inside themselves. And I see every day how much Joy singing in general gives to people who embrace it.

Singing is the biggest gift I have ever been given and I want to share it with the world. One of the ways in which I can do this is to train existing singers in the industry, adding to their skillset by teaching them the Sing~It syllabus and plant them into schools so they can grow from being Acorns into Oaktrees. That’s part of what we do at Sing-It.

I’d like to introduce you to the first of Sing~It’s Acorns: Veronique, Delina, and Tarryn! We are SO excited for this journey. Our common goal is to Inspire, Teach, Sing & Create Opportunities. Our mission is designed with the intention to nurture singers of all experience levels. We are rooted in empowering everyone who has a link to Sing~It & we are committed to creating a platform where all singers have the freedom to perform with love & passion, sharing their gifts & inspiring the next generation of singers.

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You can still have your lessons via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, in the comfort of your own home – wherever you are in South Africa!


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