How to breathe correctly when you sing

There are a few basic steps to breathing correctly when singing. As you know Contemporary Voice is all about diaphragmatic breathing so we need to make sure we are using our diaphragms!

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and elongate your spine making yourself taller until your neck almost clicks into place, with your chin relaxed (not lifted!)

Pretend you have a balloon in your hand and you are blowing up the balloon. It’s best if you go with the motions and actually pretend to blow up the balloon!

You will see that as you blow the balloon up, your stomach is engaging inwards and as you breathe in, your stomach is relaxing outwards, thats the way we use our diaphragms to breathe so practice this as much as possible to get into the swing of diaphragmatic breathing!

It’s important to keep in mind that as you sing on your out breath, it needs to carry the notes you sing. So as you breathe out, sing the notes. watch the airflow as you sing and pay attention to not letting too much air out, control the breath out and this will in turn control the notes you sing.

There you have it! Remember that only perfect practice makes perfect so be consistent in your practicing.

Happy singing!

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