Singing our hearts out!

We know that making music part of everyday life can help us to relax and have fun. But did you know that it also assists both children and adults to express themselves and to develop self-confidence?

At Sing-It we teach contemporary voice training, building confidence, professionalism and helping aspiring singers to make their own magic. We offer a four-part syllabus in an easy-to-follow guide. Our Little Bluebirds programme teaches singing in schools, allowing songbirds to unlock the doors to their full potential.

Part of our offering is an annual Showcase that provides our hard-working students with a chance to be their own stars. The learning from the classes they attend comes to fruition in a fun and memorable way – they perform live on stage for admirers, friends, parents and their fellow students! The Showcase really is an incredibly special event in our calendar, because this experience helps to build the confidence to shine and enjoy themselves, and students come away feeling exhilarated and proud.

As Mia Whitfield, Founder of Sing-it commented after the Sing-It showcase in July 2018:

‘Each student performed beautifully and I’m not sure that the parents and friends watching know exactly just how much courage each of them needed to stand up there and sing to the people they know and love. It’s the scariest thing but the most rewarding once its all over. Fear and nerves are a real thing and they don’t ever go away, its how we learn to manage those feelings that count the next time we perform. Each student was petrified beyond belief and yet they all stood up there with such grace and bravery and sang their little hearts out! It was a very proud moment for me and the team and I am so super grateful that they have trusted us to not only train their children but build their confidence too.’

Mia speaks from a position of experience. An experinced pop singer and vocal coach with 16 years professional experience in the music industry, Mia has produced 5 albums and released 9 singles released to radio. She sports accolades such as performing at Nelson Mandela’s 80th & 82nd birthdays, performing at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona and taking part in the ‘Rocking Future’​ road show where she performed at over thirty schools in and around Johannesburg, promoting anti-bullying in schools. Mia began her own singing training at the age of seven adopting what is known as the Belting Method (otherwise known as speech level singing), a method that she has mastered and has been teaching for ten years.

Of course the Sing-It team of vocal coaches also had the opportunity to shine at the annual Showcase. We arranged for Sam from Luminous to come and run a vocal workshop for us the day before the showcase, teaching us a song that we performed at the actual showcase too. Sam is a highly recognized and respected expert in the performing arts world, she trains artists in the industry and runs vocal workshops at schools right across the country. We are proud to say that Sam is our official trainer of Sing-It coaches! (If you are thinking about becoming a vocal coach for Sing-It, see more details on how to contact us below). One of the best things about the workshops that Sam runs is that she assists us to develop the skills we need, but she does so is a fun and engaging way. We laughed so much whilst we learnt, just the way it should be.

The showcase would not have been possible without the support of MiTech, our venue for the event. Each student had the privilege of performing live on the magnificent Mitech stage, giving a realistic experience, with absolutely top of the range sound. And we are very grateful to the super-helpful MiTech employees who went above and beyond to make this occasion momentous. Thank you MiTech! Please visit the MiTech Direct website to discover an emporium of all things music:, or better still, treat yourself to a visit. They are based on Old Pretoria Road in Midrand.

Until the 2019 Sing-It Showcase, keep learning, keep singing, keep shining!

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