Technique Overload?

Do you constantly think about technique when you are singing or do you lose yourself in the song?

Singing is really about consistency & awareness of a few vocal elements that make up good singing technique. Often we need to put these elements together, similar to pieces of a puzzle. A lot of the time, we have so much going on that we don’t focus on one thing but ten thousand things at one time. Am I breathing into my diaphragm? Am I supporting my voice? Is my placement right? Am I rounding my vowels? is my tongue resting behind my lower teeth? this can be rather frustrating!

The key to solving this piece of the puzzle is to focus & be present on one technical element at a time. If it’s breathing , focus on that until you have practiced it so much, it gets stored in your muscle memory bank and when its time to move onto the next technical element, your body does the breathing without having to think about it because its in your muscle memory!

Can I just say, that muscle memory a beautiful thing!

By focusing on one piece at a time, you will naturally create consistency & vocal awareness be it breathing, vocal agility, rounding of vowels, or tongue placement. be mindful about focusing & perfecting one thing at a time.

Choose a song or a scale that you love. As you sing focus on each note you sing without any distraction. this way you’ll be more mindful of falling into old habits. Be present and focus on your notes! Your body and muscle memory will adjust to this new way of consistency and awareness much faster.

By focusing on one technical element at a time, you’ll progress much faster without the frustration. Fuller & richer notes come from being aware of your voice and conscious of each note as you sing it. We call this attention to detail! From this come confidence & consistent technical ability!

Happy singing!

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