Here at Sing-It we are a family with a common goal: To Inspire, Teach, Sing and Create Opportunities.

We all share the same vision : Sharing the Skill, Creating the Dream. And our mission is designed with the intention to nurture artists of all experience levels.

We are rooted in teaching confidence through Singing & we are committed to creating a platform where all singers have the freedom to perform with love and passion, sharing their gifts and inspiring the next generation of musicians.

Mia Whitfield

Mia Whitfield

Sing It Inc. Founder, Vocal Entrepreneur, Professional Singer

I believe that singing is a gift,and I've been able to share my gift for 16 years as an artist. Now, I want to give back, both to young hopefuls and my colleagues in music. My dream is that Sing-It will become a family of singers from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life!

Delina Perry

Delina Perry

Sing It Inc. Co-Founder, business model owner, Head: Sing It SA

I have worked with children for over 18 years, starting off with Moms & Tots groups. I love watching children’s confidence grow as we teach them new ways to express themselves through singing. Music has been a part of my life for the longest time and I love what I do!

Samantha Salomon

Samantha Salomon

Creative collaborator, founder and owner of Luminous

Singing made me feel worthy and deserving in an environment where I don’t think I would have fit in otherwise. Luminous offers workshops and master classes to aspiring and professional vocalists and is the place where they can discover their glow.

Carrie Boyle

Carrie Boyle

Sing It Contemporary Voice Coach and Singer

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough! I started voice training at 13, as my father was an established musician - we enjoyed our music together. I studied dramatic arts, stage design and psychology and I am now a fully fledged Sing-It Voice Coach and loving it!

Chris Hart

Chris Hart

Sing It Contemporary Voice Coach and Singer/Songwriter/Performer

From a young age, singing has been my passion. I try to discover people's potential, as that's something I never saw in myself until later in life. I love helping my students of all ages achieve the dream that I once thought was so unattainable.

Kirk Harrower

Kirk Harrower

Sing It Contemporary Voice Coach, Singer and Performer

After leaving Pretoria Boys High, I spent 3 years in Musical Theatre training and have performed in various musicals and shows in Johannesburg. I’m passionate about singing and seeing my students discover who they are through song, helping them reach their full potential!



Children learn through repetition & movement. Each of our lessons follow a program. Our 3-6 year Little Blue Birds programme, is structured around the montessori way, allowing children to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively through play, (in our case through singing.)

Lessons are based on the practical application of the singers theory that our bodies are our instruments. Our main goal with our foundation phase Sing-It Little Blue Birds, is to plant the seed to a lifelong love of music by guiding children to find their voices. Your child will be coached to engage confidently on and off stage.


Our Coaches are industry professionals who have mastered the art of singing, stage performance & the Sing-It contemporary Voice Syllabus.


Our training consists of theory training, practical training, Little Blue Birds coaching, and our business software training to maximize your success.


Our coaches are all trained in our Sing-It Foundation phase and our Sing-it Contemporary Voice Syllabus Training. We also have maintenance Coaching techniques, and our coaches undergo upgraded training a minimum of twice a year.


We act not only as a vocal platform for both aspiring and professional singers,but also a space to explore limits, push boundaries, and overcome their singing fears, in a safe & secure environment.


Lessons are based on the practical application of the singers' theory that our bodies are our instruments. Students are taught how to round their vowels, where to place their notes in their bodies for different sounds and the diaphragmatic breathing technique which is the basis of our contemporary voice syllabus.


In case you’re wondering… here are a few things a handful of our students have had to say about our teachings over the years!

Mia did vocal lessons with my daughter Cynthia for 5 years. She was extremely dedicated to her work and her lovely bubbly and relaxed personality made Cynthia enjoy every lesson. She always took the time to listen to Cynthia’s ideas and helped to grow her confidence tremendously, by showing her that she really believed in her talent.

Mia produced some wonderful showcases with children and teenagers of all ages. I would highly recommend her as a vocal coach.

Dianne & Cynthia

My daughter Brooklyn had the great pleasure of singing with Mia for roughly 2 years before she left for Johannesburg. Her very first stage performance was met with puddles of tears, with a very kind and patient Mia picking up the pieces and singing a rather painful version of The Little Mermaid ( not Mia, Brook that is!).

Fast forward 2 years to when Brook stood up for the end of year show and was met by an audience full of goose bumps as this shy and reserved child had found her inner spunk and voice under the guidance of Mia. A confident, well rehearsed performance filled with emotion, meaning and skill. Mia not only taught my daughter to sing beautifully but taught her to feel songs and mean them.

There’s a big difference between singing and singing with meaning and Mia teaches that! Mia is a caring coach who brings the best our of her students technically and emotively. I just know that even though we are no longer with Mia as a coach, my Brook had the very best teacher for ground work. Through that she has developed such a passion and love for singing and is well set on going forward with this passion in a big way.

Mia…our time with you was priceless!

Mandi & Brooklyn

As a young girl I always knew I wanted to be a performer and so I needed training to assist me in pursuing my dream. Therefore it was a blessing to have come across the wonderful Mia who shared my love for music!In high school I started vocal training with Mia and oh how I looked so forward to our weekly lesson!

Mia not only fuelled my passion for singing, but she encouraged me in life and soon became not only a singing teacher but a friend and a mentor! She is one of the kindest and most encouraging people I’ve had the honour of crossing paths with. Her passion for music played a big role towards deciding to study Musical Theatre.

Now as an adult I have the privilege of performing for a career and I couldn’t be happier! I owe a lot of that journey to Mia and her belief in me! She is truly one of a kind!!

Jessica Brown-Sankey

My days with Mia as my singing teacher were truly wonderful! She was my first singing teacher ever so she got to open my eyes to the deeper world of singing. I learnt a lot from Mia. I remember how comfortable I felt in our lessons right from the very first one.

Our lessons were a good combination of work and play. My singing lessons were never just about me singing through a list of songs – Mia always did her best to get me to see the beauty in truly connecting with a song.

To learn how to make a song more than just notes set to words – she showed me that to sing is to feel and to express. This is a major gift that she gave me. The gift of being able to express myself.

Mia was not just a singing teacher to me, she was someone who let me be my rawest and most real self. I am always so grateful for the time I got to have with her!

Kyla Fry

I started singing coaching with Mia in the early days of high school, and continued with her throughout my high school career. She taught me technique, from proper breathing and how to extend my vocal range, to performance ability and how to connect with the music.

She is always encouraging and supportive with anything that you want to achieve, and truly inspired me to pursue my passion throughout the years.

The combination of Mia’s professionalism and experience in the industry, with her passion for music and bubbly personality, really made her a wonderful and inspiring teacher.

Her lessons taught me so much more than just singing, it has truly given me the confidence to be in front of people and go after my dreams, no matter how crazy they seem!

Natalie Bell

I signed up for training with Mia because I saw how passionate she was about singing, how enthusiastic and how skillful she was. I wanted to have that passion and those skills with my voice too.That is exactly what Mia taught me. She taught me vocal skills like how to grow my vocal capacity, have control, and the importance of breath control.

She taught me stage presence and performance, and how to connect with what you’re singing. She taught me discipline and focus, that helped me with other areas of my life as well.I trained with Mia for for a few years and took away so much more than I thought I would.

She is a woman that is passionate, dedicated and determined to pull the best out of you and help you realize your potential.I walked away from her with a renewed confidence and skill that I will never lose.

She has shaped me into the singer that I am today and I am forever grateful for her wisdom, knowledge and guidance.

Lauren Bell


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You can still have your lessons via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, in the comfort of your own home – wherever you are in South Africa!


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